Pluginy allows you to edit the content on your website and publish changes without requesting help from your IT department.



Completely SEO Friendly

Change page titles, meta tags, alternative text and anything else on your site, and have it get properly indexed. Don't let the IT wait time cost your company money, start improving your rankings today by updating the site yourself.


Fool Proof Changes

We check your changes to make sure nothing gets broken. If you make a change and decide you don't like it later, there is a simple undo option. It's like the web just because an easy word document.


Approval System, Less Risk

Want to make changes faster and do even less work? Need legal to check over your changes before they go live? Pluginy allows you to give rights for others to make changes to your sites content, with you having the final approval before anything is published.

This is a problem and Pluginy solves it. My team is anxious to get our hands on the finished product.

Ryan O'Connell Vice President, DTA